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How Can You Forecast Your Customers’ Needs and Ensures Stocks’ Availability?

In the retail pharmacy business, it is a must to have a sufficient amount of stock. Because it determines how well your pharmacy software maintains stocks and gives you accurate information about stock usage. This process ensures that you have a long list of customers that rely on you and depend on you. Look at How Can You Forecast Your Customers’ Needs and Ensures Stocks’ Availability.

The solution to Forecast Your Customers’ Needs

To maintain sufficient stock, and customer trust, forecast your customers’ needs, and smooth order processing and delivery, it is a must that your business has a pharmacy store management system with reordering management.

Let’s have a scenario to understand why reorder management is a key software feature.

All of you will agree with one thing whether you have started a new business or have been running the business for many years, your first priority is to handle the inventory accurately.

When you have an order from a customer, you have two tasks to keep track of.

    • First, tracking of your order processing to its delivery
    • Second, information (Updated info) from order delivery to a restocking

This is because after delivering the medicine to one customer, you cannot order the same medicine again from other customers if that stock has run out.

For this, you have to do restocking. In this context, reorder management plays an important role.

You need to have a system that gives you-

    • The correct information about stocks in inventory
    • Update your inventory
    • Make sure that you don’t fall behind on your next stock
    • If your stocks run out, reorder your stock automatically
    • Reduction in inventory cost
    • No stockouts

This way, reordering is a must for business. Because without reorder management, there will be a huge possibility that you have not given your customers the right service.

Look at How Can You Forecast Your Customers’ Needs and Ensures Stocks’ Availability

Reorder Management

Reorder Management aims to quick order fulfillment from vendors. It enables the pharmacist to generate reorders from their respective vendor automatically, resulting in better maintenance of the inventory.

Benefits of Reorder Management

Some of the benefits of reorder management are as follows:

    • Maintains accurate stock level
    • Forecasts customers demands
    • Helps when inventory levels are low
    • Reduces customer disappointments
    • Ensures quick drug demand delivery
    • Enables you to reorder your stock at the right time

How does IconicERP Reorder Management help pharmacy?

IconicERP is one of the most trusted software solutions for retail pharmacies. It has all the advanced features that ensure stock availability. You can monitor your orders and accordingly arrange you reorder timely.

SwilERP offers different reorder reports by which you can analyze/compare your stocks based on the –

    • Minimum stock
    • Given quantity
    • Your last sale
    • Best supplier basis and more.

These IconicERP inventory reports are crucial to-

    • Maintain sufficient stock to meet customers’ needs
    • Software users can specify the minimum inventory and Re-order quantity as per the requirements.
    • You can generate your reorder on the basis of your sales, shortages basis, and more.

Wrapping Up

Reorder report examines your sales data and recommends reorder points for your products. If you are unaware of this amazing inventory management feature, Let’s choose IconicERP advanced retail pharmacy software, “IconicERP”. It is dedicatedly meant to deal with retail pharmacy requirements. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more restaurant trends and updates!book your free trial for IconicERP.

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