5 Reasons Why Home Cooks Need An Online Ordering System

Nowadays, many home cooks rely heavily on online food ordering, and there are several advantages to having an online food delivery system. The trend of customers turning to the Internet for ordering food began even before COVID-19. In October 2019, takeout, drive-through, and delivery accounted for 60% of all restaurant and food service sales, according to survey data from the National Restaurant Association. Here are 5 Reasons Why Home Cooks Need An Online Ordering System.

The stats are a testament to the fact that restaurant businesses are getting commercialized more now than ever before and customers are switching to online markets. Gone are the days when people would stand for hours in line for takeaway.

Designed by the quirky and mad-intelligent Sheldon Coppers of the world, online food delivery allows you to access your favorite meal from your favorite home cooks without leaving your couch.

What Do You Mean By Home Cooks?

As a concept, home cooks or home chefs is simple. There are people who cook from their homes and sell their delicious meals. These cooks are your Dabba wallas and your local tiffin services or even small businesses run by housewives commercializing their cooking skills!

We all have known that these services exist, but very recently has this service become an industry trend. Just like food trucks, pop-ups food stalls, and cloud kitchens, even home cooks and home bakers have become a very relevant part of the retail F&B sector. This segment of the industry bloomed during the pandemic when there was a massive rise in customers’ demand for healthy, hygienic, and home-cooked meals. Many people who loved cooking, took this opportunity to market their skills on social media! They were also very quick to integrate with third-party online food delivery platforms to connect with their customers.

Home cooks are people who either operate from their own home kitchens or have rented commercial kitchens for large order volume business. They have scaled up to the level of restaurant businesses in no time! There are home cooks and kitchens that serve restaurant-style food with elegant packaging at much cheaper rates. They are cooking and delivering everything from baked items, nutritious mouth-watering Indian food, vegan and plant-based food, diet food, meals for expecting mothers, and much much more!

5 Reasons Why Home Cooks Need An Online Ordering System

If you are one of the aspiring home cooks looking to understand how and why you need an online ordering system, we don’t have one reason but 5! Keep scrolling to know them all.

1. Drive More Revenue

As home cooks, you have already mitigated the added costs of rent, training the staff, etc. But you need to generate revenue and scale your business. How do you do that? Through an online food delivery system. When creating a website or app for a restaurant, you can showcase the food in the most enticing way. Additionally, you can simply convince hungry customers to place larger orders by making them drool over pictures of the food you are serving.

2. Improves Efficiency Of Operations

We understand that home cooks already have too much on their plates. Do you really need the added commotion of people waiting in line and getting hungry with each passing minute? As your kitchen grows and becomes busier, things could easily spiral out of control. However, investing in an online food delivery app can help you avoid such occurrences.

Everything is updated and kept organized by online food delivery apps. There won’t be any instances of orders being missed or consumers having to wait too long because the app serves as a central point for all of your operations. It is a true blessing for home cooks. You’ll be aware of everything you need to know about operations, including how many orders are now in the queue, which ones have been dispatched, how many have already been delivered, who has been assigned the delivery, and so on.

5 Reasons Why Home Cooks Need An Online Ordering System3. Easy Menu Updates and Customization

The beauty of being a home cook is that you can experiment with your dishes and menu. If you like, you can add as many cuisines as you want. That’s where an online food delivery system can be helpful to your business. You may quickly and easily alter your menu and layout with your own online food ordering system. In other words, your brand will be under your better control. You can offer as many food combos and add-ons as you want!

Add some pictures of your food and anything else you think will help your business stand out, and you can quickly change the menu options and wait times to reflect the costs and expectations that customers will have.

4. Helps You Know Your Niche

Being part of the competitive restaurant industry is difficult. Especially for home cooks who have comparatively lower profit margins, high-end kitchen support, and a physical setup to attract customers. But at the same time, this can be leveraged to create a niche market for your business!

You don’t have to worry about maintaining your setup or delaying menu updates. Every day can be a day of something new to eat! Online ordering systems will help you generate this pool of niche but loyal customers. These customers will also help get true feedback on every aspect of your business.

5. You Get To Keep The Profit

If your business isn’t profitable, all your efforts and traffic will be meaningless. With a system for online food delivery, that is not the case. You get to retain every penny of the profit. Therefore, even if you slightly decrease your sales, you can finish up with a bigger wallet.

Even when you need to split a portion of the revenue (Third-party commissions) while using food aggregator applications you will have better profit margins as there as no additional costs like salary, electricity & rent attached to your business!

There is an immense amount of work that goes into building home cooks into a brand. Why limit yourself by following the traditional forms of selling? Being successful is synonymous with having a futuristic vision and the future is tech! So, sharpen your knives and get busy developing your own online food delivery app and watch your business skyrocket!

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