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Restaurant Table Reservation: A Way To Control & Regulate Your Footfall

Do you remember the last time you went out for dinner and did not have to wait for your table?

No, right?

That’s because the number of people dining out on a daily basis has grown significantly. Yet, a majority of restaurants in India do not have an efficient table reservation system in place. Look at Restaurant Table Reservation.

Table reservation is now a necessity for restaurants. Not just fancy restaurants but for all restaurants with a dine-in option. Of course, it is not always possible for QSRs or fast food restaurants to completely switch to a reservation system. Considering it is usually a quick pop-in, pop-out place, it’ll however help regulate the amount of time people spend in a restaurant.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of the restaurant table reservation system!

Why You Should Have a Restaurant Table Reservation System:

1. Recognise Demand and Regulate Footfall

The first and foremost benefit of table reservation is that you will be able to recognize the demand of your restaurant. You will be able to assess and categorize the rush on the basis of time of the day, weekday or weekend, and if you offer any specials on your menu, then if customers visit especially during that time.

In this way, if your restaurant has a lot of wait time or has high visit frequencies, then offering table bookings will help regulate footfall and make it more organized. This will also make it more convenient for your customers to visit the restaurant and make it a more effortless and pleasant experience.

Having a table reservation system in place will also leave an impression of confidence in your customer that the restaurant operates systematically. Moreover, the customer who has booked the table will also be better relaxed about the availability of their reserved table.

Most diners, in the fear of long waiting lines, rush and scramble to reach the restaurant at a time when they are not even hungry! By booking a table in advance for a time of their choice, they can be at ease and reach the restaurant then.

2. Easier Kitchen and Inventory Regulation

When you offer table reservation services in your restaurant, through the bookings, you will be able to roughly estimate the number of people who will visit your restaurant. You can use that to organize kitchen operations as well as regulate your inventory.

Your wastage and over-ordering of inventory can be controlled if you know the average visitors in your restaurant. Since you will be offering fixed seating to those who have pre-booked, there is a significantly less chance that you run short of ingredients.

You can also invest in a good POS system which will help you organize and keep track of your inventory. It simplifies the work for both your staff as well as you and gives you access to hassle-free operations.

Restaurant Table Reservation3. Improve Cost Efficiency

A table reservation system is a great way to improve cost efficiency in many areas of the restaurant.

From saving on inventory to hiring staff to reduce human error risk, the table reservation system helps you everywhere.

Moreover, once you are confident about the customer strength of your restaurant, you can also start charging a nominal fee for no-shows or changes of bookings. This is a great way to monetize an opportunity as well as ensure uniformity.

4. Organise and Manage Staffing

This is a good way to organize and manage the staff of your restaurant. On slow days, you can keep less number of staff on the job. For rush days, you can keep the full staff present.

This is also a good way to hire some temporary workers instead of having a round-the-clock staff. You can save a substantial amount on salaries by hiring a few people only when the need arises.

Moreover, the staff will also know what to expect for the day. Through the restaurant reservation system, they will be able to evaluate the number of diners who will visit the restaurant throughout the day. This will take the pressure off of them and they will be able to work more efficiently.

5. Collect and Build Customer Data

The best advantage of offering an online table booking facility is that you will have access to the contact details of a customer. When a customer books a table, they will have to feed in their name and phone number for the restaurant to be able to contact them in case of any queries/changes.

This is especially useful when you want to send promotions or market your restaurant.

This also works in your favor when you want to recognize your regular customers and first-timers. You can reward your regular customers by customizing their experience, giving them booking priority/preference, and offering loyalty reward points to retain them.

Having a table reservation system for your restaurant is recommended when your restaurant is popular and well-liked by customers. You should keep the place open for walk-ins if you are a newly opened restaurant or are about to launch a new restaurant. Let people discover and explore your restaurant. Once you are familiar with their behaviors, only then put a reservation system in place.

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