iconicERP started in 2017 and the main purpose was to create customized websites for B2B for small to medium-sized businesses, resulting in a highly in-depth platform.

Today we’ve grown into a successful company that processes billions of annual transactions and supports over 10,000 stores across the globe in over 15 different languages.

iconicERP cloud, the full-featured ERP solution has helped us become a recognized leader in the retail POS space. iconicERP serves retailers large and small, and we’re well-known for our:

  • Comprehensive POS features
  • World-class API
  • Highly secure servers
  • Personable customer support
  • Mobile applications

Flexibility has always been a key feature of iconicERP, and our expertise in creating highly customized solutions comes from our team of veteran developers who have years of experience in building specialized business solutions.

We strive to set the highest possible standards for POS flexibility, and by doing so we’re transforming the retail landscape into one that’s highly personalized.

It’s our goal to consistently deliver the best point-of-sale experience to our customers, and we have taken several steps to improve upon iconicERP including centralizing our servers, automating POS updates, and minimizing maintenance costs.

iconicERP started with the goal of creating custom back-office solutions and has quickly grown into a fully customizable retail POS and inventory management platform. More than just a POS, customers use iconicERP to scale their business by optimizing sales, managing employees, and building CRM.

Our hardworking teams are always working to improve iconicERP by updating our growing list of POS features as well as the hardware that runs our retail solution. With offices around the globe, we’re constantly looking to grow our team here at iconicERP.

Our Mission

At iconicERP, we strive to develop the best possible software tools for retail businesses of any size.

Our Vision

To become the global leader in retail technology, every retail business’ first choice is smart and effective software solutions.

“The most important thing for us is helping retailers to survive and be successful. When our clients are successful, so are we.”

— I. Sabbagh, Founder-CEO