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How Can You Keep Track of Prescribed Medicines in Your Pharmacy?

Why is tracking or managing prescribed medications so crucial to a retail pharmacy store? And why it is essential for them… Look at How Can You Keep Track of Prescribed Medicines in Your Pharmacy.

Is this a way to manage a pharmacy?

Do you ensure customer happiness with this?

Does it give fast delivery or increase customer retention?

Many questions are associated with the management of prescriptions. And the answer to all is YES.

Let’s understand this with a real-time scenario

When a consumer comes to the store, as a pharmacist, your initial action is to examine and understand their prescription.

The next step is to look for the medicine on your shelf/rack, and if you cannot find it there, you need to check the availability of the drug in your software inventory.

Along with this, you also see some details present in the prescription. For example-

    • Medicines related to which disease
    • Which physician/doctor has recommended this?
    • How many days is this medication recommended?

From these few details, you know whether the customer is connected to you for the short term or long term.

Condition 1:

If the customer is connected with your pharmacy for the short term (i.e. a day or two or a week’s medicine), then you can attract him/her with your quick service (Fast Delivery & Billing). And can ask them to revisit your pharmacy if needed.

Condition 2:

If the customer is connected for a long term (medicines for months), you can provide him/her with your quick service and save their data in your prescription management system.

That way, you can establish a good relationship by sending that customer an alert message before their medication is over. You can also use the data for any offers or discounts you have drawn. And maintain, update, and track inventory accordingly.

Thus, a Prescription Management System can help you with higher customer retention.

How Can You Keep Track of Prescribed Medicines in Your Pharmacy

Important Inventory Reports Generated by the Pharmacy Software

    • Know fast-moving & slow-moving items
    • Know the drug usage in the particular date range
    • Check saleable and non-saleable drugs
    • Track Expired or Near to expired drugs
    • Know Access drug stock
    • Easily do Reorder management
    • Quick Checking of the drug price list
    • Advanced Stock evaluation

How Does Prescription Management Affect Pharmacy Inventory?

Why are we doing prescription management?

The answer is simple; we want continuous medicine supply and customer engagement in our pharmacy.

To do so, we must keep enough drug stocks in our pharmacy. For this, complete visibility into the pharmacy is important, from prescription handling to final drug delivery.

In order to keep an accurate inventory, the first step a pharmacist can take is to manage the prescription correctly. Prescriptions are the initial document that tells the exact requirement of drugs. By entering the details of the medication into the software, you will better understand the different drug usage.

With various inventory reports the software provides, you will know which medicine is in trend and which is not. Additionally, you can determine when to plan a reorder of the drugs if they are running low.

Thus, pharmacy management software helps pharmacists digitally track prescribed medicines and plays a vital role in managing retail pharmacies. Therefore, you will be able to provide a better service to your customers/ patients.

Wrapping Up

As we all know, pharmacy management software is integral to any pharmacy. And in today’s technological environment, you cannot even imagine running your business without it.

Similarly, if your pharmacy software does not have the feature to track and manage prescriptions, you will not be able to provide a better service to your customers/ patients.

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