Support for your unique franchise culture

No two franchise businesses are alike. In balancing control over brand vs. franchisee flexibility, you will have created your own specific set of business rules. Can franchisees create their own promotions? Can they choose some or any of the products they carry? How much information can be shared between stores? The answer to these questions is different with every franchise.

What sets our innovative technology apart is our capability to configure the system to perfectly match the business rules you prefer.

You define what items are pushed down to franchisees as well as what data is pulled back up to headquarters. This is done using what we call a “Master” account. Store owners are provided with their own separate IconicERP account(s), each containing built-in synchronization tools to the franchisor’s “Master” account. Imagine updating pricing for a weekend sale at HQ and having it relayed to all franchisees within minutes. This possibility is a reality with our progressive franchise solution.


A centralized franchise is one where the franchising organization has a lot of power and can (and does) dictate the rules to franchisees. Franchises like these provide a consistent, repeatable experience for customers, generate more centralized, shareable data for the franchisees, and create leverage against suppliers.

They have less flexibility in franchise operations, but in return, they gain the benefit of more useful information from headquarters.


A semi-centralized franchise is one where the franchisees hold power. The headquarters may be more of a partnership or conglomerate. Franchises like this will typically share a core set of products and certain brands. Otherwise, individual franchisees may sell additional products and services the other locations aren’t interested in. They will generally have their own rules about staffing.


Cross-chain promotion

With IconicERP, you can push marketing campaigns, with predefined start/end dates, to all your stores in minutes. Set everything up from the HQ account, and franchisees don’t need to do anything. IconicERP collects sales data from all your franchisees to give you insights into which promotions are working. You’ll know which ones you should repeat and which ones you should not. In addition, you can even configure the system to help guarantee minimum revenue. If you push a promotion on a store, you have the option to track the impact on the store and reimburse the store. Imagine a promo where a hot item is aggressively priced to be a loss leader and draw in traffic. If that store normally counts on the item for revenue, you can reimburse the store and ensure that being part of your franchise family has value.


Central purchasing

IconicERP’s flexible configuration setups enable the franchisor to create central purchase orders for all locations. This generates leverage over suppliers and also leads to bulk quantity pricing. Quantities from the central purchase order can then be distributed to each franchisee accordingly. Franchisees with more than one location can also take advantage of this ability when creating orders for their locations. The order is delivered to that franchisee’s main warehouse and then distributed to the other locations as needed.


Central user databases

IconicERP’s modern cloud-based solution makes centralized databases easy. Authorized personnel in the master account can create User Groups, User rights, and restrictions across the entire organization from a central point of access. This makes it much more efficient to both gather pertinent information related to sales, commissions, timeclock records, and more. Choose who can filter and report on this information so the right employees gain insights into their respective business operations. Establish consistency for job titles, for example, so you can compare how many sales associates store A has vs. store B, and contrast those numbers against each store’s monthly sales.



It’s one thing to get franchisees on board with the latest offerings from corporate. It’s an entirely separate task to obtain the analytics to review ROI and make smart decisions for the company. IconicERP’s Franchise synchronization technology allows franchisees to define what reports they would like to have from each location and have this data automatically sent up to the “Master” IconicERP account. From both ends of the spectrum, IconicERP has you covered, making your job easier than ever before.


Private cloud setup

IconicERP’s cloud-based implementation allows for a remote setup of the entire HQ environment.If any business/shops have requirement of separate server so we provide them Private server , you can see the pricing of separate servers on Pricing page. The system supports 18 different languages, multi-currency, and multiple tax rates, ensuring coverage for your entire operation. The same goes for your franchisees. The Master Account for HQ can be replicated, making the implementation and launch of franchisees easy and non-intrusive. Most of the setup work will be done, only requiring the franchisee to add users.




IconicERP’s rich library of plugins provide us with an array of options to offer additional solutions not initially visible in standard IconicERP. If there’s a needed enhancement, chances are it may either already be available in our existing plugin library or an existing plugin can be enhanced to meet requirements. We also entertain customizing new plugins to meet demands.


Ongoing support and training

IconicERP offers support 7 days a week with dedicated phone hours from 8 am – 11 pm EST. Support agents are also available to provide training packages covering specific processes and workflows in the system, for you, your franchisees, and their teams.

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