How IconicERP serves up the best for food & grocery stores

The retail food industry is a multibillion-dollar industry in the United States alone. Using IconicERP’s rewards program, frequent shoppers can gain points that can be redeemed on their next purchase, or held onto and redeemed later for even bigger rewards! By having a rewards program, customers are given a reason to keep coming back. It’s common for the food industry to have specialty suppliers for all kinds of ingredients or products. Iconic can help keep your suppliers and contacts organized and easy to lookup in just a few clicks. Iconic helps keep the focus off the paperwork so you can focus on the food.


Organize your complex inventory

If you have products that come in different sizes, flavors, or ingredient makeups, you can organize them into matrix products to easily track each variation’s sales history.


Keep your best sellers stocked

Preparing for BBQ season or the holiday rush? Know what to expect by comparing trends throughout the years. IconicERP helps you face the challenge of high volume and constantly changing inventory. Easily identify products that are running low and quickly generate purchase orders.


Optimize your supplier base

Maintain a clear pipeline to popular products no matter how many suppliers you use. Keep detailed information about your points of contact, payment terms, and more.


Entice customers with irresistible deals

When you need to get perishables off the shelves, IconicERP’s promotions engine helps you build the perfect deals to keep inventory moving. Create different kinds of discounts, target specific customers, and choose time frames, regions or individual stores.


Fast transactions

Don’t keep your hungry customers waiting. Combine an easy-to-use application with programmable touchscreen keys to quickly punch up popular items, minimize wait time, and keep customers happy.


Earn customer loyalty

Make sure your customers know you appreciate their business. Award them reward points for every purchase and create exciting ways for them to come back to your store and cash in.


Weighted-based items

Predetermining the prices for weight-based items, like meats and cheeses. Weight-based barcodes create a faster, more accurate checkout.


Track employee hours and performance

Track employee hours, find out which workers perform the best, and staff them at peak business hours.

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