Why garden centers give ICONICERP a (green) thumbs up

It takes more than a little water and sunshine to make a business grow. Easily cater to each customer’s unique needs by using IconicERP’s customer management and promotion tools. Something not in season or not on your shelves? With IconicERP’s sales orders, customers can place orders for products that are out of stock or not in season, and then have them delivered or pick them up when ready. Gardeners choose IconicERP because of its efficient ways of handling inventory and customer data in a fresh new way.


Keep your best sellers stocked

Seasonal items/seedlings may sell out fast during a specific time. IconicERP helps you face the challenge of high volume and constantly changing inventory. Easily identify products that are running low and generate quick purchase orders to replenish stock.


Get items to customers that want them

When hot items are in demand at one location, you can quickly satisfy customers with efficient store-to-store transfers. Check the stock of all store locations in real-time and let your customers know where a specific item is available.


Collect marketing data

Know what kind of gardeners visit your store. Capture customer data at the POS, record your customers’ purchase history and organize your customers into groups based on their purchasing behavior and plant preferences.


Never turn a customer away

With so many unique plants out there, it’s possible that your store doesn’t keep the same amount of stock for every variation. If you’re out of stock or don’t have enough, take special orders for in-store pickup, or easily set up a drop shipment.


Entice customers with irresistible deals

Plants have a shelf life and you may need to get old products moving quickly. IconicERP’s promotions engine helps you build the perfect deals: create different kinds of discounts, target specific customers, choose time frames, regions or individual stores.


Motivate employees with commissions

Reward your employees for sales performance by awarding commissions. Target specific products and set a standard commission rate or a sales goal where commissions kick in. Commissions are great motivators to get seasonal plants out the door.


Provide a true multichannel experience

Link up with e-commerce, like woocommerce, or provide gardening services. Purchase items in-store or online, and make products available for pickup or drop-ship. Use IconicERP to let your customers shop the way they want.



IconicERP automatically records all interactions and stores data for quick access. With this data, a user can analyze anything from sales and returns to payroll and taxes.

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