Why do clothing retailers switch to IconicERP?

Fashion is a 3 trillion dollar global industry. If you want to claim your share, then you have to keep the hottest styles on your shelves and dazzle your customers with special offers and unique experiences. Clothing retailers leverage IconicERP’s powerful combination of inventory, supplier, and customer tools to achieve success.


Entice customers with irresistible deals

Iconic’s promotions engine helps you build the perfect deals to keep your inventory moving. Create different kinds of discounts, target specific customers, and choose time frames, regions or individual stores.


Optimize your supplier base

Maintain a clear pipeline to the hottest products. Keep detailed information about your suppliers, different points of contact, payment terms, bank info, and more.


Special orders from customers

Fashion is always changing and customer demand can change at any time. If you’re out of stock or don’t have enough stock on hand, take special orders for in-store pickup or easily set up a drop shipment.


Track Employee Hours and Performance

Use Iconic’s built-in timeclock to track hours in the system and keep a permanent record. Find out which employees perform the best and staff them at peak business hours.


Earn customer loyalty

Make sure your customers know you appreciate their business. Give them reward points for every purchase, and create exciting ways for them come back and cash in.


Get items to customers that want them

Certain styles might be more popular in specific locations. You can satisfy customers faster by keeping inventory levels high with efficient store-to-store transfers.


Organize your complex inventory

You might sell jeans that come in several different sizes, styles, and colors. Organize them into matrix products to better track how each variation sells.


Reinforce your brand

Set yourself apart from your competitors and keep your business organized. Use Iconic’s document design tools to build professional looking labels, shelf tags, reports, and much more.

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